Activity and Alumni. The past and present of the Edge Tennis Academy.

The EdgeTennisAcademy offers professional, qualified, and affordable tennis training to players of all levels.
The coaching staff are trained to produce results through the EdgeTennisAcademy's original progressive coaching style coupled with the first of its kind EdgeOnlineSystem.

The training options available are:

  • Performance programs(tournament players)
  • Private lessons
  • Semi-private lessons (no more than two players)
  • Squads
  • Group session's (4 players with one coach) NEW!!!!!!
  • Private academy hitting partners
  • Tennis specific fitness programs.


The EdgeTennisAcademy not only offers a first class service to its clients on court, but off court too, attending most local and National junior ranking tournaments.

Available to tournament players are:

  • Pre -match warm ups
  • Pre -match game strategy
  • Match watching
  • Post- match feedback


As director and head coach of the EdgeTennisAcademy, Pascal Guebert has worked with and personally coached multiple RSA no 1s and top ten players in their respective age groups. Pascal has been coaching tennis in the competitive arena for 16 years, previously being Head Coach and partner at two prominent performance academy's in Johannesburg with further experience as a player and coach in European academy's and clubs.

Contact Number: 0823301739
© 2013 Edge Tennis Academy ·

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